What a busy weekend for competitions!

Well done to Holly Seago earning a medal in basketball and Amelie Hopkins for a trophy, almost as big as her, for dancing!

Super effort girls well done!!

Health and well being week day 1!

Wow what a busy day p1/2 had for the beginning of health and well being week! We tallied up how we got to school with lots of people walking, cycling or scooting and we had lots of healthy snacks for break today!

We had lots of fun having a session with OJ and then had a go at some Highland games!

We are looking forward to our sports tomorrow afternoon 1:45pm. Remember your pe kit and fingers crossed the rain goes away!!

Planting in the sun

P1/2 have been busy getting our raised bed ready. We have planted some rocket and runner beans. We also made newspaper beds for our marigold seeds. We are learning to take care of our plants and about all the different parts.

We also sprinkled some butterfly and bee magic seeds. We really hope they grow and attract lots of butterflies and bees!

What glorious weather to do all our gardening!

School Meals on Election Day Closure — Milton of Leys Primary School

Highland Council are committed to providing packed lunches for all pupils (regardless of Free School Meal entitlement) on the upcoming European Election Day, which as you will recall, means that MOL Primary is closed. If you would like to take up this offer of school meal, please contact the school office to place your order. […]

via School Meals on Election Day Closure — Milton of Leys Primary School


This week we have been working hard on our measurement skills. We have been looking at smallest to biggest objects, measuring different things using chains, cubes and counters. We even measured ourselves!!

Fork flowers

We painted some beautiful flowers using plastic forks to make the heads! We really enjoyed using them to get the effect for the flower heads and they have brightened up our cloakroom and attracted some busy bees!

Special four-legged visitor!

Today we had a super special visitor to our class….Jimmy the Dalmatian and her mum Margaret. Jimmy has a very special job, she is a therapet. She goes round lots of different places like care homes, hospitals and schools making people feel happy. She is so gentle. Margaret read us one of their own books about Jimmy’s adventures and how she was born in America and now lives in Scotland. We had such a great time listening to the story and we also got to pat Jimmy and learn how to approach a dog safely.