Bonfire art!

P1/2 made some bonfire art yesterday. To make the bonfire we drew round our hands and used our cutting skills and stuck it to the black paper. We used some different techniques to create our beautiful effects. The smoke on the fire was made using chalk and then smudging with our fingers. We then used cotton buds to dab paint to make our colourful fireworks. Now they are up on the wow wall! How fab do they look!!

National Outdoor Learning Day!

P1/2 have had a busy busy national outdoor learning day!!

We listened to ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story and then we tried to make shelters for our little pigs. We found leaves, stones and sticks and worked together to build a shelter. We were also busy weeding our raised bed, sorting through the weeds and finding some wriggly worms!!!


We even had pe outside playing team games and using our number knowledge to hunt the number.

We then enjoyed a toasted marshmallow and were so responsible when we were beside the fire. Finally we finished off our day enjoying a different story ‘The Three Horrid little Pigs and the Friendly Wolf’ in the teepee.

What a fun, busy day we had!