Subtraction stations!

P1/2 had a busy week putting all the different strategies they have been learning to use this week with our subtraction.

We used lots of different ways to help us solve number sums from gems, to playing cards and even fancy coloured pasta!!

Dancing Queen

Well done to Amelie Hopkins for coming first in her dancing competition at the weekend. She was delighted to show us her massive trophy. What a super achievement!!!

Reading books for homework

We have new reading books for homework but I was out of school until after lunchtime and unfortunately not enough time to introduce them. If you could please read the book to you child and then they can read back to you. I will go over this on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend

Miss Grant

Budding Scientists in P1/2!

P1/2 have had a great science week. This week we have been learning about chemical reactions, carbon dioxide and bubbles….lots of bubbles!!!

We made our own mini lava lamps – our predictions were that we thought they might explode or change colour but look at what they did – wow!!!

Then we did some shared learning with p5. It was great working in groups with them and as you can see we created lots and lots and lots of bubbles …….

Team Work!

P1/2 enjoyed a treat of hot chocolate and marshmallows today. This has been a reward we had all been working so hard together as a team to achieve and we smashed it!! Showing we were Ready, Respectful and Safe helped us gain the stars to reach our goal!

Well done everyone super team work! A yummy treat on such a cold windy day☕️

World Book Day

Tomorrow MOL will enjoy World Book Day 2019! This year’s theme is share a story and here at MOL, pupils will be invited to be time travellers for the day as we dust off books from the past and share stories from our childhood. We are really looking forward to sharing some amazing stories with the children, and also launching our One Book, One School project…remember to ask your child about this tomorrow when they come home!

Please remember to come dressed in clothes from a different era – 90s, 80s, 70s – pupils’ choice! The aim is to have fun…so 90s could be jeans, dungarees, bright tops and leggings etc or flowers for the 60s. Mostly we are planning simply to enjoy the power of ‘sharing a story’ together in a range of different ways throughout the day….

Ready, Respectful and Super hard work!

P1/2 worked hard all week to be ready and respectful by taking their turn in litter picking. We worked so hard as a team that we even earned some stars to go towards our reward of hot chocolate! Finger crossed we earn it next week!!

We were also busy working on our addition and subtraction. We have been using gems, our fingers and our super brains to help us solve some tricky sums! Phew we will need to rest them over the weekend!